New beginnings are, always, good beginnings

nuevos rumbos

In every talk I do to entrepreneurs, I always emphasize the value of “do” instead of “talk”.

We live in a world full saturated with consulters, where everyone knows what you should do and/or talk about.

To be an entrepreneur is an act of faith. Primarily in yourself. Without that, your project has no future (even when it looks looks good on paper). But, don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to say: you can be an entrepreneur by doing whatever you want to do, at any level, even if you’re an employee and work for a company. To be an entrepreneur is a way of live the life. You can stay still, complaining about your bad luck or you can stand up and walk.

It’s quite simple. 

A little over two years ago, Demand Media acquired 100% of EmergingCast, the company I founded with Damian Voltes.

We did great things in this two years: we generated content consumed and shared by millions of people, on a daily basis. Our social networks are growing with a huge base of followers who encourage and help us to keep sharing our articles. We launched 4 sites, we developed a high quality production pipeline and we created an awesome editorial team who are giving us great results.

All of this in only 2 years.

But the entrepreneurial spirit (hey ! I told you already: it’s not nly about create companies, okay?) Keeps me moving. I don’t relax based on what  I’ve already achieved. Keep moving. Feeling in motion. Always.

I’m changing seats. I’m going to an unknown place (once again) thinking on, perhaps, it worth to dive in a new adventure (one more)

My family and I (remember: you NEVER start any new project alone. It is always with the family. Without their support, you can’t do anything) decided to continue our wanderings working at Demand Media USA

Now, the questions are:

Could I have stayed in Argentina, continuing what I had been doing? yes

Do I want to? No

Is it risky? It depends on how you look at it

Soon we will know the answer. In the meantime, Something is stirring in my gut, something is moving. Like some time ago when I left my previous job and created EmergingCast with Damián.

It’s called “adrenaline”. It is what we, the entrepreneurs, are made of.


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