Instagram puts some filters on Twitter


When Twitter released the new version of its app this week “only” to compete with Instagram (aka Facebook), I realized that most people do things just “because”.

How many times do companies launch products to the market just to compete? Almost always. And, almost always, those products are meant to fail. However, when the products are created and designed to shine, the chances of success increase. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Krieger and/or Systrom how they thought of Instagram.

The “filter affair” is the perfect example: it wasn’t part of the natural evolution of the tool. It was a (desperate?) way to compete.

The same thing should happen with startups. The majority of the new entrepreneurs who I talk with, the only thing they have on their mind is the exit.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing to think about your goals, the coast where you are sailing your boat, but building a company “just because” doesn’t make sense. At least for me.

I’m not stating this as a naive way of thinking. Even as a dreamer. You don’t need to have the best idea of the world. It’s about starting a new project you are willing to live with each day of your life, hopefully, with joy. Because it’s your company, your dreams of success, where you are leaving part of you with every step you do.

And that, sadly, is impossible to force. It is or it isn’t.

Like Twitter’s filters.

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