Conquer the world

viaje USA 2009
One day, in 2009, Damian Voltes (my partner) and I took a trip on a plane. But it wasn’t just a trip, it was the trip that was gonna launch EmergingCast. It was a one way trip. It was simple: make it or break it.

I was reviewing my old tweets and I found this one: “Tonight EmergingCast is taking off to conquer the world. Well… maybe I over reacted”

Today, 3 years after, I can say that I wasn’t that wrong: we conquered the world. And I think that is a good message to everyone who want to start their own company and start their own quest to conquer the world.

We started EmergingCast with a simple plan. And that plan was changing when we needed but we always kept our faith, putting in the best of us to achieve our goal. And we did it.

I use the “Conquer the World” concept for everything I do in life. Because I don’t believe in the “half ways”. I go full or I don’t do it. It’s a good way to take any situation: starting a company or playing tennis with my friends.

A tip: enjoy the road. It’s mandatory. Don’t lose what you are building. Every brick is essential. You will enjoy it more at the end.

Only one last thing: all in.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because if he stays in the middle, he will be smashed by a bus.


Side note ➜ one of the tweets says: “My 3 year old daughter gave to me a little box and she said: “I left thousands of kisses inside for your trip so you will not miss me at all”. Last advise: you should involve your family. Without them, it is impossible to achieve any goal. They will be your first VCs, the ones who heavily invest on you. Today, my daughter is 6. I showed the message and she told me: “You see? it worked !”

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